About Sentinel - Real-time market alerts


Sentinel is a platform that allows you create real-time market alerts. You can create basic market alerts based on conditions such as price, volume, quantity and open interest. You can also scrip advanced alerts using operators. For example

LastTradedPrice('NSE:RELIANCE')>=976 && OpenPrice('NSE:ACC')<=1500 

In this case, an alert will be triggered if the last traded price (LTP) of Reliance is greater than or equal to Rs.976 and the open price of ACC is lesser than or equal to Rs.1500 and the average trade price (ATP) of Ashok Leyland is greater than or equal to Rs.180. You can learn more about attributes and operators here.

You can post queries related to the usage of the platform and help with scripting conditions.

Note: This category is not meant for support related queries but rather for general queries and discussions on scripting triggers. For support related queries and feedback, you cna create a ticket here.


Is it possible to create a watchlist of stocks, and run a technical parameter like MACD crossover on all of those stocks.
Also are multiple timeframes analysis possible, like for eg. MACD crossover on 1 hour chart, only when latest close price lies between 50 ema and 100 ema on the daily chart?


Technical alerts aren’t available on Sentinel, yet.

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