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Hi Streak Team,

i want to automate my strategy in Zerodha Streak but with out “And” or "OR’ operations how can we create this strategy. I request you to pleas add conditions like “AND” or “OR” operations that we can use it.

Sujal Panchal

Tagging @Streak to help us out

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To achieve equivalent functionality as the AND and OR functions, you can create a NEW BLOCK. Choose MATCHES ALL for AND, and MATCHES ANY for OR.

This is different bro used for 2 conditions but we need and operator for adding 2 queries in a single condition like this

Conditions: Close (0) higher than Multi-timeframe Completed( day, EMA(Close,10,0) ) and
Multi-timeframe Completed( hour, RSI(14,0) higher than 50 ) and
MACD (12,26,9,macd,0)higher than MACD (12,26,9,signal,0

Stock MATCHES ALL of the filters below

I think this will produce the same result

Hi @sujal_panchal

In the new Streak platform, ‘Matches All’ denotes ‘and’, and ‘Matches Any’ denotes ‘or’. Based on this logic, you can add multiple blocks in your scanner/strategy and create your AND and OR conditions.

You will be able to add the Block function by clicking on the “Add +” as shown below,

Refer to the image shared below to learn how to write conditions using Matched all and Matches any.

As you can see we have set the main block as Matches Any and have added two more blocks of Matches All. The above condition will take an entry if condition A satisfies or condition B & C satisfies together. Referring the above you can create as per your requirements.

Hope this helps.

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