About technicals charts and crosshair

I have some problem with crosshair
In charts,
if i open Line chart the crosshair is manual i need to hover in line to see the prices, which sometimes gives wrong prices if miss the line,

Can i get the same crosshair the (google) and (moneycontrol) offers a small dot crosshair

Which works just by sliding fingers around the charts thats shows the accurate prices with ease.
The crosshair that is in with chart

Can we expect this from zerodha?

Can see vertical axis for day and time, this should guide you better on selecting.

But the real pain is the crosshair (axis)
That does not hover accurately with graph of line chart.

Can we get the crosshair (axis) that can hover only on the graph of line chart accurately for better analyzing.

When this will implement in Chart Iq

How to increase the Crosshair brightness of ChartiQ chart?
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U mean, u want to make the crosshair bold enough to be visible on screen?

No such feature exists. But some adjustments may help u.

No way to adjust the brightness of cross hair tool alone to my knowledge.

none that I know of!

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