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Hi @rahul_verma,

You can write to [email protected] with the details of your requirement and the team shall help you with this.

Hi guys,
You can try this free chrome plugin to do auto order placing.
I created it and have been using for myself personally, thought of sharing it with other fellow traders, hope it helps :slight_smile:

  1. Install the plugin(keep updating to latest version frequently)
  2. Log into kite in chrome
  3. Open new tab in chrome and log into Streak
  4. Deploy your strategy and sit back and watch, make sure not to close the tabs or close chrome.

Cheers !


HI Sir,

please check script

RSI(CLOSE, 3) > 80


How do I filter stocks
where last 15-minute candle closed at high (close=high) with more than 5 or 10 or 15 or 20 candles’s average volume

Also for the sell signals
I’m looking at last 15-minute candle closed at low (close = low) with more than 5 or 10 or 15 or 20 candles average volume

Is there any way to place Profit Rupees value Target to all positions,
Like let’s assume I shorted both Banknifty’s call & put with 1-1 lot & I want to exit on overall 40 points decay so in short I want 1000 Rupees in total Position
So what I want is once in Positions page when it shows 1000 Rs Profit the all positions must square off automatically
Is there any way to do this…

Need your advice and help for my below queries.
I am building an algo trading with Zerodha API and distribute to the retail investors, here are my queries

  1. What are the regulatory requirements (NSE,BSE, SEBI) for distributing the application to retail investor ?
  2. Will I get any financial support from rainmatter for building this application, this application is similar to streak ?
  3. what are the charges to Zerodha I need to take care of ?

I want to know how to add stop-loss and target on Zerodha pi backtest script.

Could some one inform me how to create code for the below in Pi (Expert Advisor)

Buy Alert: The candle closes above 8 days Exponential Moving Average
Sell Alert: The candle closes below 8 days Exponential Moving Average

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I newly learnt an algorithm which has a 3 step process to screen the stocks. Was wondering how these three steps could be written in Streak screener. The 3 steps are as follows


  1. Rising SMA 50
  2. Crossing the lower Bollinger Curve
  3. Has a big green candle touching the intersection of rising SMA50 and Lower Bollinger curve


  1. Falling SMA50
  2. Crossing the upper Bollinger curve
  3. Has a big red candle touching the intersection of falling SMA50 and Ubber Bollinger curve

What the point 3 means is that there needs to be a hammer kind of Bullish green Candle in close proximity of the intersection of rising SMA50 and Lower bollinger curve (in case of entry signal). In case of exit signal, this translates to a close proxity of a Bearish red candle near the intersection of falling sma50 and upper bollinger curve.

This can be done at different time intervals to look for signals for intraday positions or for a short to long term position.

Can someone help how this could be configured algorithmically in Streak scanner/Strategy

I have an indicator to do backtest for a perticular period time frame. Can you help me on how to do backtest on it.

Certainly. We can.

We can do it for you as we specialise in customised automation.

I can see that Inuvest.tech be connected to Zerodha for algo trading. How is it comparable to Streak?

Hi, @aravindbm Streak is an official partner of Zerodha. As per regulations, we will not be able to provide automation. We will not be able to comment on other third-party platforms.

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