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How do I start investing through coin?

@nithin apart from the 50rs that is deducted is there any other charges associated with it (there was a mention 15.5rs charges when there was a redemption in the old platform)—does that continue with coin??


When you redeem, since this is in demat form, CDSL will charge a DP charge. This is Rs 5.5 irrespective of the value.


Thank you nithin


There is no major description of the fund or its composition.

It would be better to display more information on each fund. Also some insights like rating or other scaling factors which may help retailer’s decide if the fund is better to choose.


Hi Nithin

I’ve invested in MF through SIP route at mf.zerodha.com. I want to move to Coin now.

Is it possible to pause (without exiting) the earlier SIPs at mf.zerodha.com & start fresh SIPs in Coin?


Can someone please share share a snapshot of the Dashboard view of Coin. Just Interested to see what kind of information the dashboard provides. Also in some of the previous post i see that Franklin, BNP and other AMC’s will be added into COIN any update on this ?


As I understand there is always a difference of NAV between regular MF and Direct MF and I assume the difference is was goes as commission to distributors? Correct me if my understanding is wrong.
Also, since direct MF NAV is always on higher side Vs regular MF and your units are credited based on NAV’s obviously we get slightly less units for direct MF. In this case how the direct MF’s are beneficial?

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Hi Nithin,

I can’t see any lock in period information while buying MF from.
Do direct plans have a lock in period? Can I invest through SIP/One time investment for any amount of time?


Only a ELSS/Tax saving fund will have lock-in period of 3 years from each date of allotment. You can click on the link shown in the screenshot below to check for a fund under the ELSS category. Each AMC will have atleast one ELSS fund.



want to do SIP but ur platform doesnt allow me to pick specific date for SIP …also I want to do multiple sip with different dates…plz help


Hi Pratishta,

We have provided 5 dates on the platform if its a monthly SIP. If you wish to do different SIPs on different dates then you would have to just start the SIPs on those dates itself.


I am Prakash using ZERODHA for Trading in stock market and as well interested in SIP.
I want know that Zerodha is “opt-in” or “opt-out” in Transaction charges(Deducted by concern AMC and later credited to distributor(say in this case zerodha(I read it as exchange platform)).
Kindly expecting reply to my query in this regard.


What if mutual funds I am investing in stop taking lumpsum amount? Would J be able to invest then?
I am asking because I read that investment made cia coin is treated as lumpsum and not sip. Few MFs are already not taking lumpsum investment and only taking sip

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@nithin, @faisr, I am receiving Adhar linking mails from AMCs for MF in which I have invested. I have already linked my Adhar number with Zerodha. Do I need to link Adhar individually with those AMCs or ignore AMC mails and will be cascaded by Zerodha if I dont ?


@nithin, @faisr, Thanks, I have found the answer from other query of this forum, pls ignore this one.


Why Franklin is not listed in explore all mutual funds link. Does that mean one cannot invest in Franklin schemes from Coin?


How to buy hdfc Mutual fund using zerodha coin for SIP