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Thanks to you, TradingQ&A is fast becoming one of the most active communities in India for all things stock markets. We invite you to be a part of the Creator’s Programme. Through this programme, we aim to bring together the collective wisdom of the best financial minds.

This section is dedicated to all things investing, trading, and personal finance. The best content will be promoted across our 500,000+ clients and our social media channels giving your content the exposure it needs. We also believe that good writing deserves to be compensated. You will be rewarded based on the quality of content and the engagement.

Publishing guidelines

  • Ensure that the content you publish is accurate and complete and relevant to the category.
  • Be professional and ensure that you don’t publish, misleading, derogatory, obscene, threatening, defamatory or harmful content.
  • Articles published under the Creators category should be related to markets and finance in general. Off topic posts will be unpublished from the category.
  • Do not publish stock tips, trading calls or investing ideas.
  • Please don’t republish articles, content you otherwise don’t have the permission to share.
  • Please ensure that proper attribution is given to content or images that use or link to.
  • We reserve the right to moderate all content.

WIll the reward be in monetory terms or Recognisation certification will be given?

Will be Monetary. :slight_smile:

did anyone of the people posting around in tradingQ&A has been rewarded before, did their content got promoted, can u kindly show me the proof @Bhuvanesh