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As a salaried individual, can one show loss in trading as negative income, thereby reducing tax burden?

There can be loss or profit which should be factual. If you incur loss , then you can have negative income too. But the Loss under equity cant be offset against salary , so tax return will be positive

Speculative business losses can be used to offset speculative income only.
Non speculative business losses can be used to offset other business income (speculative & non-speculative).
Business losses cannot offset salary income.

So in your case, the answer is no, it wont reduce the tax burden for the year. But you can carry forward your business losses to future years.

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I trade & earn through long term, swing & intraday & usually file ITR2. No other income.
I never use any margin money & trade in cash. Experts tell me to file ITR3. What should I do ?

if your income includes the business income than you have to file ITR-3.(for presumptive income from Business & Profession file ITR-4). file the proper data under Balance sheet and profit & loss A/c.
you can find the utility here- https://www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in/downloads/offlineUtilities?lang=eng

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