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for newbies which technical analysis tool is better for trading if time horizon of trading is 1 week to 3 month and also where i can learn about how to do it even i have also read all zerodha versity module but its in written form so its something difficult to understand. please help me friends


Hi where can i get harmonic pattern option in kite ?

Which candle stick pattern should i see there are 1min,3,5,30 min candle sticks

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Is there any online books to learn trading except zerodha varisity

Always watch out for **PIN BAR and ENGULFING ** candlesticks in higher timeframes (15min,30min,1hr for intrady)

For newcomers, which technical analysis tool is preferable for trading if the time horizon is one week to three months, and where can I learn how to do it? I’ve read all of the Zerodha university modules, but they’re written in a way that’s tough to grasp. Please assist me, friends.

How is the High Low Bands Indicator calculated?

Best length of EMA for intraday ?

It always good to use 5 and 15 min time frame for Day trading. For swing trading it is best to use 1 hr time frame