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Would anyone advise me, How to exit or quit a Bracket Order any time before 03.20 PM ?

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It’s a simple process just go to your pending orders and click exit.then your entire Bo order will be executed according to present market price


You can exist two ways, either go to your order book and exit from there by clicking the exit option. Other way is to open your order in your order book and adjust the trigger price near at the market price where you want to exit, as the market price will hit your trigger price, the order will be executed on its own and you will exit from your bracket order trade.


I want to say here that I am finding huge help from this forum related to my trading experience. I want to ask a question to the experienced traders that is it viable to trade in the less volatile market? Which session is more suitable for this purpose according to Asian time?


Lemit LGA kr


It is the best part of the forum which ahs a lot of information about trading on the local and international level. I visit this forum on regular basis and I always find new things on this forum. I would recommend you people to contribute for the betterment of forum. Thanks