About Trading Softwares

I am normal trader in learning stage, i am using Kite web for trading, now i want to move to some professional trading platform within zerodha, normally, i see screenshots of different platforms of zerodha on net. are there any platforms for trading with all data, or any excel with all data?

Yes You Have PI Software For Trading. But I Would Recommend You To Stay With Kite. I Used Kite And PI Both For Approximately 6-6 Months And By This I Would Say Both Have Problems In Some Way.

But PI Hangs More Than Kite. So Stay With Kite.

Thanks, and have one more how can i track technicals of stocks, is there any excel or platform only to track them?

https://www.screener.in/ You Can Use This Site For Technical Study

This Site Can Also Help You In Some Manner!