Absolute bloodbath in cryptocurrencies. Who's buying this dip?

Look at the carnage in cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin in India is down by 15%, Ethereum is down by 24%, Dogecoin is down by 26.

Is anybody here still a long term crypto bull? I’m not talking about the shitcoins.

I bought some as investment few years back, but sold it after the RBI directive/opinion in India. I wonder how much it will fall. China has banned financial institutions and payment companies from providing services related to cryptocurrency transactions.


I had some coins which turned into 12X. Took out invested capital + 9X. I am keeping remaining which is earning 4% per year.

Personally, I feel may be today it can fall 90%, but tomorrow it will bounce back. Big whales are controlling the price. However, I don’t recommend and I will not buy any crypto.

Always park your money that gives you a peaceful sleep.


What is the rationale behind 4% per year ? I didn’t understand.


There are many sites offering interest on Bitcoin balance just like FD. Don’t want to promote any thing here but I am using freebitcoin from last 4 years. blockchain.org also pays interest on balance but it asks for ID verification, which defeats the purpose of Blockchain… anonymity


equity is here to stay why bother with crypto

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Long term whale here. It’s either worth something or it’s worth nothing.

Tracking BTC since 2010

Link - https://twitter.com/jashjacob/status/18310901974?s=20


I am, I’m currently stacking up my DEX tokens, 2 big exchanges already announced to remove their Chinese users, guess where Chinese investors go to?

I’m also bullish on stocks that have crypto/digital assets like $TSLA, $COIN, and $BTCS, these are my retirement stocks, just waiting for the next big bullrun. $BTCS just got listed on Nasdaq and they’re cheaper than the two.

I thing abt btc it won’t go to zero

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Bonds are here to stay, why bother with equity?

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wow! you have been there since 2010 so cool!

were you holding any since 2010?
It’s fascinating when you were holding btc in 2010, I was sucking thumbs at 8 y/o

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I think it is the best time to look for a fundamentally strong cryptocurrency like Ethereum, bitcoin, and Solana. You must take the advantage of this fall to add quality crypto to your portfolio.

I think inflation is the main reason for cryptocurrency’s bloodbath and the US fed has raised interest rates. Many HNI and FII are buying the crypto in their portfolio.

How can you be certain about this ?

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Kindly tell me more about those fundametally strong crypto.

What is their PE ratio, dividend yield, sales, ebit, PAT, CAGR, corporate actions etc.

How can crypto fall because they are immune to inflation?

We know that ups and downs in trading are the same like day and night, so after a set there will be a sure rise. In my perspective, it is the best time to expand your portfolio with strong crypto assets.

On what basis will you analyse if a particular crypto is underpriced or not?

There is a vast difference between underpriced and cheap. One shouldnt buy just because its cheaper than what it was few days back. It mighht be still overpriced.

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Cryptos have no real underlying and hence no real way to value it. Its a speculative asset. Throw in the money that you can absolutely loose with out probs and then hope for a lottery.