Absolutely loving learnapp

I’m absolutely loving learnapp.co I think it’s one of the best resource out there to get started learning about the financial industry in India.

I’m definitely gonna leverage this information to improve the way I invest.

All this for like 60 bucks a day! :joy: I easily spend more than this on Netflix, coffee and cigarettes :sweat_smile:

I think y’all should definitely check it out!


Loving the idea…how are they getting hold of all these big shots? :grinning:

Glad to see @nithin and @G.Bharadwaj sharing their knowledge as well…(although, I feel we learn 10x from them on this forum :slight_smile: )

The content is still developing though. I will wait till they have a decent number of courses in there.

Great initiative, great production quality ! Kudos to the team putting all this together.


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I agree. learnapp.co is totally awesome. A much needed platform to say the least. Direct lessons from pros and that too with a reasonable monthly subscriptions. What else do you need lol :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Yeah it also intrigues me as to how are they getting them. Or maybe these pros wants to share their knowledge out of sheer goodwill. Who knows. But i like the whole idea of learnapp

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This guy Prateek the current founder of LearnApp was once associated with TradeAcademy of Upstox and has a unique way of teaching.I hope this initiative of his will help a lot more people.

They must be getting royalty or some subscription amount % from the App company. Makes sense.

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Must be tired of losing money or they have too much and unable to belch. Good work but what is the use when the system can be manipulated and rigged to benefit a specific group. For instance co-location of servers and dissemination of information. Please do not feel offened.