Accessibility mode on Kite Mobile for the visually impaired

In the latest update to Kite mobile (version: 3.1.3), we have added an additional toggle in the settings - Accessibility mode to make it easier for our visually impaired clients to use Kite. This mode makes Kite more compatible with the Talkback/VoiceOver apps.

You can enable it by turning the mode on in your Kite app settings:


Enabling the accessibility mode also does the following:

  1. Reduces the screen transitions and movements - This makes the screen read time faster on lower-end devices.

  2. Scrolling info pages will be full-screen from the start - Instead of showing a small window within the app and then scrolling up to reveal more, the info pages for instruments, positions, holdings, etc. will be full-screen from the start. This helps with the Talkback/VoiceOver compatibility.

  3. Order window submit turns into a tap button instead of slide - It helps with the compatibility but some of our users also prefer the tap option to slide.

The version is live for everyone. You can share your feedback in this thread.


cool improvement just now noticed the changes

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I am visually impaired trader and was eagerly waiting for this issue to be solved as I was not able to use zerodha for trading purpose.
I thank for solving accessibility issue

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Yes, I am very happy to see this update on the kite app, and many congratulations and thank you to you and your team for this update.
Now kite app accessibility is much better with voiceover on IPhone.Whatever new implementation/features which your team has incorporated in this kite version is very welcome and works fine.
It makes the experience much smoother while using the app.
In the next future update, 1 more important improvement is required in the edit watchlist screen.
In this screen we are unable to remove a stock from the watchlist as voiceover doesn’t speak the names of the stocks which are in the list
It just says “button” for each stock while swiping across the list.

Due to this we don’t come to know on which stock our focus/curser is placed for deleting.
I am sure you will keep updating this app for improving accessibility along with other features from time to time.

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I am accessibility tester in a company. I can do testing if you need @siva

Sure, you can.

Can you give concerned person’s I’d.

thanks for the update but is same not available on kite web? these days marketwatch became verry difficult