Account balance

I have another doubt.

1).If i bought 100 shares of sbi which cost 250 for each share & and my account balance is 2 lakhs before buying then what is the position of my account balance after buying therse shares. Please explain?

2). After buying or selling shares(CNS) will the amount equal to the shares that i have bought or sold get debited from my account or only specific margin required.

Hi Abdul

If u buy (Delivery) SBI Shares [email protected] Rs, 100 x 250 = 25,000 will be debited immediately from ur account.

If you buy in Intraday then 25,000 is not required to buy same amount of shares. That depends on broker that how much margin he is giving you.

If u sell (Delivery) SBI Shares [email protected] Rs, 100 x 250 = 25,000 will be immediately available as trading limits to you, but cash will be credited T+1 T+2 Days