Account Maintenance Charge

Why does Zerodha charge an AMC when some other online brokers do not?

To cover the costs associated with maintaining and servicing our trading and demat acc. It’s important to understand that different brokers have their own fee structures and business models. Brokers typically incur expenses throughout the year for customer support, account management, technological infrastructure, regulatory compliance, and other administrative functions. The AMC helps cover these ongoing costs. Additionally, regulatory requirements often involve expenses related to compliance, audits, reporting, and record-keeping, which can be offset by the AMC. Value-added services like research reports, market insights, educational resources, and trading tools also come with costs for investments in research teams, technology platforms, and subscriptions. The AMC contributes to funding and enhancing these value-added offerings. Also compensation for the absence or reduction of brokerage charges, allows them to sustain operations and provide services at competitive rates.

While official Zerodha members might offer a more detailed explanation with additional information, as a user, I believe that the AMC charged by Zerodha is undoubtedly worth every penny for the services we receive.

Thank You for the reply

I have been using zerodha and I accept that AMC charged by zerodha is worth every penny as you said, but I was also wondering how do some brokers charge 0 AMC charges, like what is the reason? What is the difference? :thinking:

To gain market share from the top brokers by providing something different (zero cost/less charges), otherwise it will be difficult for them to attract new clients if there is no differentiation.

So it is one of the market strategies, Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: