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I don’t have a webcam…so instead of ipv can attesting every document from a gazetted officer or a notary will do as it is as good as original documents…?? Or is there any other way.I live in kolkata…

Attesting should be fine. However IPV is mandatory.


It's mandatory for all brokerages to conduct an in-person verification before opening a client's account. The in-person verification can be completed in a very simple manner by making yourself available on Skype or Google Hangouts.

A Zerodha employee will take a screenshot of you holding your PAN card or any other ID. This will take care of the regulatory process of doing an in-person verification.

Since we're a completely online brokerage business, we have found an innovative solution for IPV.

Please find a short video made on how In-Person Verification (IPV) at Zerodha happens.

Hope it helped :)

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I dont know what you are talking about IPV, if its zerodha, then sending the documents and a skype call verification showing your original pan card etc., should be ok.
You can access skype thro, net cafe if you dont have webcam.

What is IPV?

IPV = In Person Verification. SEBI mandates that the stock broker has to see the person whose account they are opening. This is to avoid opening benami accounts.

while opening the accounts ; why do the brokers ask : “do the client have any political link/influence/association” ?


At personal level I always wonder why you tag us for all these kind of questions, if you really want to know may be just ask and don’t tag anyone. Also why would be broker interested in knowing individuals political affinity, may be asking because of regulators mandate. I am not aware why they mandated it.

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