Activating a Dormant Demat Account


I have a dormant Demat account with one of the reputed DPs. The account was last used in 2015. Now I have got an email notification for crediting the unclaimed dividend associated with the dormant Demat account. I have no other way to claim the dividend than re-activating the dormant Demat account.

Please let me know if it is possible to re-activate a dormant Demat account? Up to what time can the account be in inactive status?

If activating a Dormant Demat account is not possible, what are the other possible ways to claim the unclaimed dividend?

Please advise as necessary.


If your account is with Zerodha, you can renew your KYC as explained here. Your account will be activated in 24 - 48 working hours.

If it is with another broker, you can get in touch with them to know the process.