ADAG group do not inspire confidence

Some how name of ADAG do not inspire confidence even though the strength may be there in the company .
Reliance capital and other group co sold entire stake in Reliance broad cast ltd ( d listed at 63 per share in December 2013) at 150 per share to Music broadcast ltd . Private dealers who were quoting 15-30 per share ( still same quote for Reliance media which too d listed same time same price ) now quoting 140 for sale . It means ADAG group companies do have strength but …
Reliance Nippon AMC appear to be a good buy considering same parameters .

The ADAG has been in high debt for a very long period of time. RCOM has been unable to repay debt to Sweden Company and SBI 45000cr debt. On Feb 1 , RCOM declared to file for insolvency under bankruptc y code. This took the entire ADAG on toll and stocks started to melt like ice.