Adani green energy

So this is a screenshot of today’s market info on adani green stock. I have a few questions.

  1. why is it stuck on 4.99? Isn’t the circuit supposed to be 5% ?
  2. there are no buyers showing here. Yet it shows the stock is trading miniscule amounts from time to time. How is trading happening when there are only sellers ?? And isn’t trading supposed to stop when stock hits circuits ?
  3. if trading is happening somehow, how can i unload my shares ? Have been trying but the stock opens directly in lower circuit.
    Plz help guys. Thanks in advance.!

Thanks for the answers ! Really helpful.

Btw if trading is happening why cant i see any buyers ?

Ohh. Ok ok i get it now ig. Thanks so much !
Btw you seem quite knowledgeable maybe i can call or chat with you in the future :sweat_smile:
Care to connect on whatsapp?