Adani green energy

So this is a screenshot of today’s market info on adani green stock. I have a few questions.

  1. why is it stuck on 4.99? Isn’t the circuit supposed to be 5% ?
  2. there are no buyers showing here. Yet it shows the stock is trading miniscule amounts from time to time. How is trading happening when there are only sellers ?? And isn’t trading supposed to stop when stock hits circuits ?
  3. if trading is happening somehow, how can i unload my shares ? Have been trying but the stock opens directly in lower circuit.
    Plz help guys. Thanks in advance.!

Lower Circuit. Others have asked the same question, search the forum and read.

It is supposed to be 5% but how can one come with the exact price since the tick size in NSE is .05? So after calculation it is always rounded off to the nearest multiple of 5 which is either 5% or below, it cannot be over the circuit limit ie… 5%, 10% or 20%.

Trade is always happening even when a share is in LC or UC but in both case just the prices are locked at those levels. In this Case where prices are locked in LC, you could see the volume tab to see how many shares have been traded, also if you can buy all the shares available in the LC price (Given if more orders are not hidden) the circuit would eventually break and prices would rise.

Trading doesn’t stop when stocks hit circuits. Trading happens it’s just prices are locked since in LC prices can’t go below the LC price and similarly in UC prices can’t go above the Upper circuit price.

Search the forum, these things have already been answered. :pray:

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Thanks for the answers ! Really helpful.

Btw if trading is happening why cant i see any buyers ?

See Screenshot where normal trade is happening… ie Price can move UP/Down and so you can see buyers and Sellers at both end.

Share which has hit UC so you can only see buyers at the UC price. But trading is still happening as you can see the volume and they are the people who have sold at the upper price limit.


Your Adani Green, which is in LC. The low is the Lower circuit price and that’s where all the trade has happened.


I hope this has sufficed. If you still didn’t understand please know that price movement only occurs when bids/offers of any particular price are taken out, now if prices were to be fixed at one side, for example in LC in Adani green it’s 358.85 then all offers are at 358.85 and above that and hence bids are absent below that LC price. If buyers were to buy all the price then bids would start to show at 358.85 and if more buying took place above that prices would move up and bids/asks would be seen on both sides but restricted to the UC/LC price. This normally is not visible since users can only see 5 Bid/asks and in case of zerodha up to 20 bid/ask. :pray:

If you still don’t get it please take a break from trading, call any knowledgeable person, gets these basic things clarified and then jump into the fray. :pray::sweat_smile:

Ohh. Ok ok i get it now ig. Thanks so much !
Btw you seem quite knowledgeable maybe i can call or chat with you in the future :sweat_smile:
Care to connect on whatsapp?

I am far from knowledgeable. :anguished:

I would love to but life as is, is pretty tough right now. :pray::sweat_smile:

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