Adani group stocks - Where will the bleeding end?

This is getting extremely weird. Such a big group falling almost 60-70% in a month.

Which stocks amongst the Adani pack do you think has value emerging?

Personally ports. All of them had crazy multiples but ports has almost monopoly.

Adani Ports should sustain. Adani Green is a goner.

Adani bhai is back??

Adani Total Gas LTD. looks kaput. Every day LC.

adani shot up 30X in 2 years, that was weird! This fall only makes sense.


Massive recovery in Adani stocks.

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Respect analyst and “Excel Maniac” Aswath Damodaran says 945 :slightly_smiling_face:

:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: do u disagree with such analysis?

Not really. Damodaran is pretty conservative and so his forte is getting “lower estimates” right in a relatively weak market.

Adani stonks Rockingggh today

Adani group leading the fall after report by the ken.


Whopping numbers…:astonished:

NSE needs to add more adani stocks to its indices.That should stop the bleeding.