ADANI PORTS : Fair Valued or Over valued?

Here are some of my viewpoints about the questions many investors who are thinking to invest in adani ports and i’m open for your suggestions to
Some fundamentals of ADANIPORTS

Based on these metrices, one might say that this stock is fair-valued x,y,z and all but coming from the technical side adanigroup has got into a severe beating and bleeding red every single day.

Now, what are your points about taking positions in the ADANIPORTS as a value investors or wtever

It has a clear monopoly with almost 90+% marketshare in a business which India needs to become a global market in years to come.

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do they operate in the spaces where aegis logistics and allcargo does?

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When there are so many allegations floating around, and this is not the first time, these allegations has come on them, should an investor not worry about these qualitative aspects. Yes it is quite tempting to buy something which is so low now when compared to previous month. I would have expected the management, to appoint a global, well reputed agency who will do an independent check on each of the issue and publish their report. This will resolve the issue once and for all. If not every ten years, the same thing could be re-reported again and again.

Maybe I am once bitten twice shy type after the Vedanta delisting episode. This taught me a life lesson to study on management and their integrity and not just look at financials and dividend yield.

Discl: My personal views only.

Thanks for your views
Appreciate it

My personal view only no recommendation . Also note I don’t invest in individual companies follow small case type approach or index approach in investing.

  1. For me this and some other good companies which are beaten heavily last week are good buy as these are really good business. Even if this management failed for X<Y<Z reason , some other company will step in and take it over. But caution is required here as any news can make stock more in downward spiral and with so many things in the market equity make become 0 as well.

2.Always invest in chunk and min 3 legs of investment is what is required whether you value buying or momentum buyer.

  1. News based stocks are highly volatile and price actions can be treacherous so even these companies looks good can be hammered more beyond your imagination. so one should be ready for that . Also , growth of stock can be subdued for years.

  2. Good way to buy it is to wait some days and form a base or news to subside.

  3. In market , A high PE stock can remain Higher high PE for long and low PE can remain Lower low until it test your patience, fear or greed.

Agree with most of what you said, but this logic is flawed. Worst case is bankruptcy, which implies that current equity gets extinguished. Yes, assets can survive.
Also,i have seen money disappearing from companies, so anything is possible and if you cannot trust the management then it really is a hard pass. Look at porinju and LEEL. Let someone else take the risk and make his money.

In the long run whether fundamentals or technicals, i think what we need is an edge for taking active calls. Something that works over large enough sample. So perhaps someone specializes in these kind of falls and he can take risk within limits, some will work some wont and he makes money overall. Adhoc investing probably wont pay off. So that is also what Hindenburg research probably does, they find suspect companies and take risk on the short side.

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True, what you said. Everything is so dynamic even in investing that I feel blessed to have a trader mindset even in my investing. Things goes wild even for blue of the blue chip stocks. Adani’s being in Index stock come under ASM Framework so nothing is fundamental or permanent in market. So , I don’t prefer investing in individual companies , that why prefer index or small case.

True Edge is definitely required, more Psychology and skills are required with money in theses falling knifes. I personally keep away from these news driven stocks as I don’t want to increase my Blood pressures.
. Better take a quilt and sleep when things are irrationally irrational!

Yes, but ports are monopoly kind of business . So rich in assets. Yes, but how much debt to cover during liquidation is very nasty process and may take years and yes than also equity may go to 0 or Delisting may not get you good price. So , Uncertainty will always be there in these companies. Better invest with the mind that your money can become 0.

" Naam banae mein saalon lag jate hain and naam kharab karne mein kuck din"

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बदनाम हो के भी नाम तो होगा ही

In West they say “Controversy creates Cash$$$$”

It’s always better to buy in an uptrend. (white arrow).

If you are buying in the crash down, it’s a gamble. But yes, you can trade reversals if you know how to catch them.

I am a contra investor. I always buy a stock on its way down. Sometimes in one go sometimes in parts. Always get stuck initially as I dont know how to predict bottom but eventually end up in profit every time.
In uptrend I am scared as I dont know where will be the end of rally. Had many bad experiences in initial years.

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Well you can use Top Fall method to exit when
mate there are many indicators, factors which. give u clear signal
In my case im running a open portfolio “nifty 15 which attempts to beat nifty 50” there i follow these strategies

Im not saying your approach is bad, but just try to push your boundaries to various strategies, test them and try to enhance your strategy

This is what I was trying to say, Inspite of all the controversies, the managment keeps trying one thing or the other to do something which will affect minority shareholders. This is a classic example. If the management integrity is not good, retail investors should stay away.

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Facts, infact PSU/PSE kinda have poor management [subj opinion]

Current situation of Adani of all stock

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