Add a note with trigger

This is more of a feature suggestion. I would request the Sentinel team to add a small note box where one can note details for future reference. I would like to store the levels or timeline or some other info related to the stock along with the trigger.

Another feature, to group the triggers based on one’s choice. Once I reach above total of 40-50 triggers, it is difficult to keep track of all and the monitor them from time to time.


This is very important feature. I hope dev team is listening.

Also related, please add the trigger value in the triggered email.

Right now, it just says, was triggered, it should also say the trigger value. Value will be for the multiple inputs which the trigger depends upon. Like how it shows in history

since notes and trigger value is missing in the email notification currently, I add them in the trigger name only while setting up so as it is self-explanatory.

How can you write the trigger value in trigger name?

I condition is x < 100, it can trigger for any value of x like 90 or 10 (say, if it jumps suddenly on day opening). That value has to be dynamically added when the trigger is activated, can’t be put statically in trigger name.