Add one day change in Mutual fund

I think, it will be great, if we can have a section where we can see one day change in our portfolio. Currently there is no section and we have to calculate manually.

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Hey Vaibhav, investing in mutual funds is a long term plan so it would not be advisable to track your portfolio on the basis of daily change in the NAV. Additionally, NAVs are not as volatile compared to the underlying stocks of a scheme.

I think u didn’t understood, sorry if I’m wrong.

In coin app, if I’m viewing today, NAV is updated according to prev day. That means Coin is updating my NAV on day basis, what I’m asking is along with updating NAV they should show how much the NAV of particular fund is changes in a day with amount plus or minus.

For example: if you use ETMoney or have heard of it, they do the similar thing and there is no issue there.

I hope i was clear.

We do show the percentage change in NAV once you have tapped on the fund page through your portfolio on the app.
Were you referring to the same?

Yes percentage change is shown, but then like i have to calculate the actual amount.

I wanted some like this:

Thanks for the feedback. We are working on a new version of coin with new features. We will show this data for all schemes in the new version.

Seems like this query started in Sept 19 and it has been more than 4 years but still we are unable to see this feature i.e. one day change in mutual fund

We have intentionally taken the decision and removed this as it does not make any sense to check the one-day change in the MF NAV. We will be introducing more sensible options.

Understood, but this is helpful on a day like a budget day like a dip to check the overall dip into portfolio and individual MF.

I think all MF apps provide the same, if this exists on Coin also, this is great.

I am syncing to Grow from Coin to check only for this.

Yes much needed.

Intentionally hiding stuff with the mindset it’s not needed is not good.

Coin still doesn’t show what is 1 day % difference on a portfolio level. Have to open each fund and check individually. Such a headache.

This data is already there with coin, just have to use maths and show portfolio gains.

I’ve used 4-5 platforms and all of them convey this info without deciding for the user.

I understand you think it’s not good for users to check daily difference , but let users decide it. Whoever wants to check can do so, rest can simply ignore.

On days like election and budget, it is very interesting too see how MFs perform and how your portfolio performs