Add one more option (target price ) in CO.

Hi Nithin,

Have a option like target price, stop loss and training stop loss in BO but have only one option is stop loss there is no target price in CO. Kindly add one more option (target price) in CO Its very useful to trade in intraday.



You can use a BO for this, and for immediate execution of the order put BUY price above LTP (if you are going long) and SELL price below LTP (if you are going short)

,1st off all BO only AVAILABLE hai currency and equity ke liye not for mcx,this is very sad ,i dont no why they have block TP for CO in MCX ,speaking about truth mt4 international broker providing upto leverage upto 1000 times in positional trading with SL and TP with 24 hour trading no risk of over night swap ,and one more thing MCX market depends on internationall market trading hours ,in mcx there is risk of over night holding risk ,its seems like indian stock broker jaan bujh kar chate hain ki hum sab intraday jada se jada karen ,bade bade lot pe trade karein taki jada se jada loss ho,

We can place an oder in market price in only CO not in BO. Please add one more option(target price) in CO Its very good for us.

For this you can do the below,

sir please Add one more option (target price ) in Cover order,…,the stocks and currency are 6-7 hours trading timing, many of us are office workers ,we can trade only at evening session in mcx (10 hours trading timming), so we are requseting the zerodha team to plsease add traget price option in cover order ,look i dont know about others but i am ready to pay extra commision fee to zerodha

Yes, please add it.

The trailing SL in BO is like a double edged sword.

There should be a way to enter a trade specifying Target and SL with the high leverage of CO.