Adding jugaad to your trading


Jugaad is considered to be a phenomenon of cutting corner, putting up with lack of resources and making do with less.

This is what zerodha is doing to your trading. Of late i see a few apps (risk, sensibul) being rolled out by third parties without these products being complete, I feel they were never tested before release. Infact the traders of Zerodha are being used as testing ground and traders real money is used for such trials. Products must be made available after proper testing, trials and a succesful pilot launch. This all requires money. The developers who want to make money out of these products shd be ready to invest.

Just read the threads related to those apps and kite. Its full of mistakes found out by traders who have tried them. These apps including kite are a risk. Is this right thing to do? After all traders real money is involved.

(I have an account with ZD but stopped trading with them fir a while. So obviously I might be wrong.)


Whats ZD?




Possible, appreciate if you share the details of issues / risk.

The regulators (SEBI) or exchange must certify these tools before they are launched in the market.

Or before we start using we should approach them asking for their ratings or views.


Who is asking you to use bro?


No. I dont. You will know it if u read my post fully.

My point is … discussion…
can these un-tested apps which encounters so many issues in normal market, withstand extreme market movement

Zerodha being large broker, any issue in their apps can cause systemic risk & panic, huge losses for every trader

Obviously i dont want to suffer extreme loss just because someone wanted to field test their app with traders real money.


Come on dude, minor glitches will always be there, after all it’s a software product, right?

Software products do have certain levels of inefficiency. But then, Zerodha keeps on improvising them.

So take it easy, if any issues, write to support. They will resolve.


Hey @TraderVenk ,

My name is Abid. I am from Sensibull. Your questions are very valid if you are trading with real money. And you are as I see from your social media presence. I appreciate your concern. I cannot speak for others, but I can for Sensibull. So let me answer them.

From a math point of view:
Every single value you see in Sensibull has been tested by us multiple times. The black scholes engine and the Strategy Generator were battle tested last year, which was like 4 months before we launched. Math has unit tests, which are automated. On top of that I have personally spent more than a week, testing the outputs, verifying pay-offs Greeks etc manually on each feature. We are very scared of mistakes. Very.

From a tech point of view:
We run on top of Kite, so anything after Kite ,we are as reliable as Kite. And anything before we hit Kite has again been tested for bugs, scaling issues, connectivity errors etc etc etc. Any component goes down anywhere or has suspicious activity we have Pagerduty which is a service which gives us calls on our direct cellphones. And we fix it within minutes.

I traded the markets professionally and personally for 8 years. And I know how it feels to lose money. None of us want that to happen to users because of our negligence. That is bad Karma. And I tell my team to treat a user’s money like our own money.

Despite all this, we go with a disclaimer that we are in Beta, and ask users to exercise caution. Despite that some users ask us for the test environment access, because they want to collaborate at a product development stage. I mail them explicitly asking them to not trade in a test environment.

But accidents do happen. And all we can say is that we will try all that we can to minimize them.

Also, could you please point out the mistakes you found in our app which can cause losses, or are there because it is untested? I will be more than happy to rectify them.

Thanks for your inputs.


Thanks for your detailed and transparent clarification. Lets hope kite and associated apps become robust, worldclass trading platform soon. In the meantime as you have mentioned let the traders excercise discretion and caution while trading on beta version.

I havnt found any errors in your app because i dont use kite for trading. I m sure i will in the future.