Advantage of coin platform vs buying directly from AMC vs MF utility

Disadvantages of each-

  1. Coin- Monthly charges and an extra charge when redeeming a fund as funds held in demat form
  2. AMC- Quite cumbersome and involves hassle as we have to deal with multiple AMC
  3. MFU- Couldn’t find one. Bad interface maybe

Any advantages of Coin?
Does MFU allow to hold the units in direct form or Demat?

I have heard there are disadvantages to holdings MF in demat form as compared to direct form.

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There is no consensus on this.

if you want to single view of all your MF holdings, demat is best. There is another added benefit of transfer of MF units / change in address/ nomination and so on.

you will always have to pay AMC and DP charges on demat account.

I guess it depends on person and how he manages his MF.


Mutual funds bought through coin - Does Zerodha provide intraday margin against these holdings?

There is no advantage of holding mutual funds in demat account, but there are plenty of disadvantages. Coin is just a marketing gimmick by Zerodha, and they don’t tell you the truth.

They say that you can get a “common statement” by buying through Coin, but you can get the same directly from Karvy or CAMS website as well.

They also say that it is easy to update address when you hold mutual funds in demat account, but you can also do the same directly by submitting a KYC update request to either CAMS or Karvy or any mutual fund. Just to be clear on that last option, the KYC update will happen for all your mutual funds, not just that particular mutual fund.

Remember, with every middleman, you are just increasing your costs. So keep your life simple, and buy the mutual funds directly, or you can use MF Utilities, which costs you nothing extra. Don’t fall for Zerodha’s marketing gimmicks. They are a good stock broking platform, but their Coin offering is pretty much useless.

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Mf utility score higher as there is no charge ever

  • recently they give all facilities online even payezzes also
  • u have view of all holding in single screen
    -almost all AMC Are available.
    They give separate reminder about sip and also with which number of installments you have paid.
  • Customercare is very good
    You can attached your kids CANS with you in mf utility

Yes buy using karvymf or ktrack app. Or use camsonline. These 2 are easy and sufficient. Don’t use mfu. If any one of amc pull out of mfu then u will be in problem. So only use RTA app. I.e karvy or camsonline

No problem will be there at all.
Even if you have bought via MFU still you can trade through CAMS, KTrack etc.
I bought 1 MF from AMC website, other from CAMS, 3rd from MFU. All 3 are accessible through all 3 options.
That’s one of the great advantage of having non demat MFs.

If you have Demat MFs, all these ppl will unceremoniously shut you up and would ask you to contact broker.

Agreed. I have been using mfu for the past month or so. Just the user interface is a little cumbersome. For all practical purposes, it is the best.

There are other free direct plan platforms