Advantages of using Amibroker with PI?

I am sorry, not versed with Amibroker yet.

I want to know, what are the additional benefiets of using Amibroker and bridgeing with PI?

Is Amibroker more advanced in terms of Scripting/ Features/ Scanning?

Amibroker is the charting platform where all the simple and complex logic and strategies can be coded in AFL , can used to generated signals, if you connect pi with bridge , the orders can be fired on pi based on signals generated in amibroker

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Thanks. Aware of any data provider for Amirboker at reasonable price?
Aparrt from Globalfeeds

Thanks… It seems to be only real time data. More like data on demand…
I rather want the eod data for few years.

No, they offer eod data as well. Give them ur zerodha client id (if you are an account holder) they will throw in an offer.