Advice on index funds that track international indices

Hello, Can anybody tell me if it’s a good time to invest in the Reliance Hang Seng Bees and the Reliance Japan Equity Funds?

What is your risk appetite ? Have you done your asset allocation as per your risk appetite and long term goals you have in mind ?
We cannot time the market.
Do you have existing exposure to any other International funds?
Most people advise not more than 5-10% exposure to international funds in your portfolio.

If you are a do it yourself investor and are interested in global asset allcoation, this is an excellent resource:


Risk appetite - moderately high.
I have done my asset allocation in accordance with my long term goals, and I do periodic rebalancing.

So given this information, what is your opinion on the specific funds that I have asked about? Note that I already have investments in Indian funds that invest partly/completely in US stocks.

Great that you have done the groundwork.
If diversification (international exposure) is your aim by investing in them, then I would suggest Franklin India Feeder US Opportunities Fund.
China and Japan are good places to invest from diversification point of view.
My preference would be US > China > Japan.
Still limit to not more than 10% of portfolio should be kept in mind.

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Thank you.

If this helps :slight_smile:

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I would advise you to stay away from china and Japan. Chinese companies are controlled by the govt and japan has a stagnant economy.

Invest only in US and Emerging markets(India/Brazil/Russia).

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A few good US and international Equity funds

Kotak US Equity Fund - Direct Plan
Reliance US Equity Opportunities Fund - Direct Plan
Edelweiss ASEAN Equity Off-shore Fund - Direct Plan
DSP US Flexible Equity Fund - Direct Plan
ICICI Prudential US Bluechip Equity Fund - Direct Plan

But do note some of them have higher expense ratios.


Motilal Nasdaq100

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Thanks. However, I see that Brazil focused funds have not done well. And I could not find any which invest in Russian markets.

That’s an ETF not a fund.

you can see the performance for last 1 yr to 3 yr for Brazil/Russia/India in that order. Their indices have done quite well.

I m not sure if we have MF exposed to their markets in india.

Apart from emerging markets , US is no 1 as always.

Yes, its an ETF … F = fund

Exchange traded fund precisely, also it works like a fund of fund. I hope the OP asked for Mutual funds not an ETF.

HSBC Brazil Fund

The fund performance(0) seems very bad over the long term. The 7 Y returns are negative, I think the Brazilian index returns seem so high because it had corrected more than 60% from its peak in Jan 2016. So, recovery after that makes the last 3 year returns look extremely positive.


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Thanks for the responses. I was asking about Mutual Funds.

So the bottomline is - Indian MF’s investing in Brazil have not done well, there are none in India which invest in Russian markets, some of you are advising against China (I was looking at Hang Seng Bees but unfamiliar with the market), and Japan seems to be stagnant from my limited perspective.

That leaves the US market - I’ve already invested in MFs which invest in US equities - and ones like Edelweiss ASEAN.