After how many days entry of TDS deducted for Dividend will reflect in my 26AS?

I received dividend of amount above 5000 and hence TDS was deducted and remaining amount was deposited to my Bank Account. But when I checked for TDS Entry on TRACES (, I don’t see any entry in this FY. Why it is so? How many days after it will be visible on TRACES website?

TDS will get reflected in your 26 AS only after the deductor has filed tds return.

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TDS gets reflected in 26AS once the deductor files the TDS return.
It is usually done every quarter.

So is there any checks n balance that will ensure that company will file their return before Individual ITR filing deadline for FY2020-21?

Not paying TDS on time is a serious offence with consequences up to and including rigorous imprisonment for the CFO, so I would say, yes.