After learning i m losing my money

This is when i was new to Trading & didn’t knew about T of Technical Analysis & F of Fundamental Analysis neither of candlestick charts.

I was doing just gambling and trading according to my intuition.

When i was new i was easily earning 500 to 700 per day with MIS orders
But however after learning Analysis methodologies i m losing money using BO

I seriously don’t understand whats wrong here?

Plz guide me!

Note: Pardon me for not so proper Title :slight_smile:

Then stop putting BO orders as they are highly leveraged and start unlearning.
For few days try your intuitions.
See if you can make money that way


In behavioral economics that’s called “Overconfidence Biases”.


more the knowledge more confusion haha analysis paralysis happening to you.

market is just put the trade and wait the market to move your direction. and keep stop small and target big so that even u stopped out u lose less.but when u win 3x or 4x,5x than your loss .makin losses negligible

It’s more than than… If you incurred losses of let’s say 1000 for 4 days and make profits on last trading day, by that time you would have loss 4000+3500(taxes)= 7500. Recovering 7500 would be a challenging task… You will need absolutely very good luck :smile:

90% or more pplz live in market in search of recovery.and that will not take you any where. forget the past focus on future and winning haha lol .change psychology and change your results

Why your bracket orders are failing ? May due to the following reasons

1.You are using BO orders without considering bid / ask gap as many stocks in nifty itself dont have liquidity .
2.Your stop loss (sl) is too small and target order is very big.
The solution for this may be you enter BO order by keeping your sl order wide ( sl +bid ask gap) and tgt order as per your desired price.When the stock moves in your direction ( i assume you follow a strategy when you enter bo ) then slowly modify your SL order.
You should not move the sl too close to the cmp other wise chances of hitting will be higher and end up in loss.
SL is always tricky while entering a position and one should follow technical study properly.
Lastly you cant use BO / CO order for break out trades presently whereas in MIS one can .The biggest draw back for these special type orders.To get BO right your tech studies should be perfect.

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