After Market Order for F&O - till 9:10 am or 9:15 am?

I read some conflicting information so wanted to check the exact cutoff time for AMO for F&O.

@siva- any pointers?


Till 9.10 am for F&O AMO.

Thanks Siva!

Strange ! I dont see Market depth until 9:!5 for F&O
Is it normal ? Ideally AMO orders should be visible right in depth

Its more confusing actually :slight_smile:
Zerodha says it wont allow AMO F&O orders and will send it only at 9:!5

Since future and option orders can’t be placed during pre-market session, all F&O AMO orders will continue to be placed like before at 9.15 am.

There is no pre open for F&O, also AMO orders for F&0 are sent to exchange only at 9.15.