After Market Orders for IPOs

After-market orders are now available for IPOs on Zerodha.

The IPO window is available between 10 am on the issue opening day and 4:30 pm on the issue closing day. You can place an IPO order anytime during this period.

Since the exchange market timings of the IPO window extend between 10 am and 5 pm on trading days, applications submitted outside of this period are collected by Zerodha and submitted to the exchange once it opens. The UPI mandate for your application is initiated by the exchange once it receives the application. You have time till 5 pm on the issue closing date to accept the UPI mandate.

You can place an after-market IPO order just as you would normally apply for an IPO. Click here for the steps to apply for an IPO using your Zerodha account.

Will I be able to cancel an IPO application in the after-market period?

No, the cancellation and modification of already submitted IPO bids is restricted to the IPO market hours. Learn more.

Will Zerodha also provide a Pre-IPO bidding option?

No, we cannot since collecting IPO orders before an IPO opens contravenes regulations. Learn more.