Alert based on the Current price and time

I am wondering if the following scenario is possible:
If Last traded price of a stock is (+/- x%) of the current Trader Price within X minuets, alert should be triggered.
For example
@ 14: 45 BNF is at 28380 ,I wanted to get an alert if BNF goes up by (0.3 %) in the next 30 minutes.


Hey Vikhroli this can easily done in Sentinel

Care to explain????

Check the below-given condition if this is helpful to your requirements. Highlighted data points need to given manually.

(LastTradedPrice(‘INDICES:NIFTY BANK’) >= (26462.60 + (26462.6* 0.3/100)) || LastTradedPrice(‘INDICES:NIFTY BANK’) <= (26462.60-(26462.6* 0.3/100))) && Timestamp() > DateString(‘2020-03-11 09:45:00’) && Timestamp() > DateString(‘2020-03-11 10:45:00’)

Thanks for your help, however, I am getting Invalid syntax in the trigger expression error msg.
This is what I had when this error occurred:

(LastTradedPrice('INDICES:NIFTY BANK') >= (26675.60 + (26675.6* 0.3/100)) || LastTradedPrice('INDICES:NIFTY BANK') <= (26675-(26662.6* 0.3/100))) && Timestamp() > DateString(‘2020-03-11 13:15:00’) && Timestamp() > DateString(‘2020-03-11 13:45:00’)
Can you please look into this issue?
Appreciate all your help.

Type manually as mentioned in the below-given screenshot and check. If persists, you may raise ticket to support.

What if we don’t want to hardcode the BN number. How would the code look then?