Alerts/ pop-up with SOUND on PRICE ALERT!


Zerodha platform does not provide price alerts with SOUND. it shows a simple drop down animation on kite and it’s not really useful. you have to keep the tab open and monitor actively that defeats the purpose of an ALERT. can we not get sound pop-up for the price alerts?


this does not serve the purpose. we do get a pop up on bottom right corner but that’s without any Sound. Please look into it. An Alert should have a SOUND to draw attention. that’s the purpose for the alert right? i missed many trades and SLs were skipped too!

Not really a big task! for the orders we get a pop sound, can’t we get the same for the price alerts?


@nithin this is now important more than ever. so many freak trades and stuff. proper alerts will help manage positions without SL-M orders

You can get a alert on mobile if u have the kite app