Alerts system modification needed if possible

I have used sentinel for trading alerts and i think it is good for us to know when the price reached our desired value. As a servicemen we sometimes get away from market when doing our job. So if Sentinel guys can modify the alerts option by introducing indicator alerts for a given stock in a given time scale. For example if i am trading a stock and want to set it in sentinel with an alert for it’s one chosen indicator let’s say RSI in Hourly or 15 min scales so i want a signal if it reaches below zero.
So please tell me guys if this can be added to alerts section.

This is possible in @Streak I think.
Sentinel is only for price. They even removed the advanced price alerts.

Indicator based alerts can be easily set using Streak. Not just this, you can do much more. More here.

very costly for a beginner level with less capital.