Alerts using email or watsapp msg



Since I am unable to loginto zerodha websites from office network. It would be great, if I can get email or sms when my algo generates alerts.

So that i can initiate trade over mobile network through APP.

Is this is possible at present or not ?

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Open Kite App on your mobile and trade. No need of Whatsapp or email alerts.





By using Streak you can create algo’s to track the market using more than 70+ indicators and get notified on signal generation over browser notification and android app notification.
Refer for more info.



There is only browser or android notification, but no notificaton over iPhone app.

Please allow to send alerts over email or sms or Atleast develop app for iPhone.


We will launch the IOS app by 15 Jul 2018 . We regret the inconvenience


Is this app is released ? Could you please send me the link. I can’t find it in AppStore.


Hi ,

The app has been submitted on app store and is under review. Once they approve you will be able to see it :slight_smile:


looks like its still not approved and released?



IOs app has been release, its available here



Notification alerts are not working in iphone. we have to open the app and go to notifications page to see new alerts. please provide if any update on releasing this.


Hi TradeScript,

Thank you for bringing this to our notice. Our tech team has already started working on this issue and we should release an update soon. We will keep you posted.



Hi TradeScript,

Our tech team has confirmed this issue is fixed. Pls check and let us know.




I am not able to decimal number in target profits and stop loss ios app plz help.


We are releasing and iOS update to fix today, you will be able to update the app after couple of hours.
Meanwhile kindly try to create the algo on web and then deploy with iOS.



itni badak kon le algo trading krke​:joy::joy: