Algo for 2.35 CE Option buying strategy

Please help me in developing algo for 2.35 Option buying strategy. This strategy takes trade as below (MIS, 15 min tf for NIFTY CE Buy) -

Once opening range 15 min candle break in lower side.
Then One candle will cross above Open range 15 min candle low - abs(Open range 15 min high - open range 15 min low) / 2.35.
Once 15 min candle close above previous candle then i will take trade. (may not be immediate previous candle)

@Streak plz help

This strategy is explained in below video.

There are lot of false breakouts in this strategy… so better to operate manually.

Hi @Niraj_kumar,

Although you can create a rule on the basis of ORB/2.35, the trade entry shown here is discretionary, This hammer can form after n numbers of candles and hence cannot exactly replicated in Streak. If you have a specific candle number on which you want to check the support, I can help you with this.