Algo trading

Hi, I want to do algo trading. Please guide how to do the same. Can I have the syntax for programming?

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hElLO tRaDeR,

Are you trading on the Zerodha Pi ?

even i need to learn algo trading, i also use Pi.

Check out the tutorial series for Algo Trading in the below links:

Yes, sometimes. mostly thru online/app. would like to know what are the requirements for algo trading and also what are instructions/syntax so as to design codes and how to access live data to automate the trades.

can we not do complete auto trading via Zerodha Pi, if we get our own terminal for ALGO TRADING from NSE.



there are many algo software providers/vendors available in the market .
some of them may also have tie-up with zerodha .

these algo softwares require us to fill our login id , passwords , API key etc for the connection and bridge …

my question is : how safe and secure is this to reveal our login credentials to the third party vendor software ? is there any chance that the vendor / software provider company can access/read/get to know our login credentials from the backend and may misuse the information ?