Alice blue's 15/order can cost more than zerodha's 20

Think about it if you plan to scale up with aliceblue.

Clearing charges in alice blue is 3000 per crore or 9 per 30000 turnover in option. In zerodha it is 0. the brokerage of 15 + cm charges will become higher than zerodha brokerage 20 +0 cm charges.

Also the more volume the charges go on increasing unlike a fixed 20 per trade or 2000 api cost.

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What has happened to people’s free will lately?

Maybe some don’t know it even exists.


Thank you…i am trading in Alice Blue doesn’t know it even exists (fancy names Alice blue:))

But sometimes there is advantage if you are trading 1 lot option

final Brokerage and taxes is little less in Alice Blue than compared to Zerodha