All please take note: Zerodha has changed some of the prices

Guys, I have been charged 1 paisa for all delivery trades since sometime. I only observed it yesterday and I raised a support request. The rep. said that 1 paisa per contract note will be charged from now on and directed me to the charges page.

I was shocked to learn that there are more charges added now without any intimation to the customers. Check the charges page for sure

@nithin No doubt that you changed the landscape but at least have some degree of communication with your customers so that they are not taken by surprise. How much effort it takes to send an email to customers intimating them of changes in the policies? Slowly you guys are becoming complacent.

Hmm… there have been no charges which has changed in the last few years.

The 1 paisa we are required to put as we can’t have a contract note with 0 fees. So we put that token 1 paisa. It has always been like this. Can you share the ticket number

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Dude! what’s wrong with you? It has always been 1 paisa, because:

We charge Rs 0.01 as a token amount brokerage for every trade. This is required by law (service can’t be offered at Rs 0).

My god, how are you even trading without knowing the charges? Of course, statutory charges will be applicable. They have been since day 1.

If 1 paisa is a deal breaker, then I think you should start trading with ICICI, I hear they are way cheaper and just charge 50 paise brokerage.

Why are you posting questions and spreading wrong info without knowing everything?


Ahh man, I am such a dunce. Sorry, for this post. I went and saw the same thing in contract note of 2017 also. I apologise for this mistake.

Seems you are getting losses in trading and throwing frustration here :smiley:

Not related to question, but is it really required to show 1 paise as charge ? Finvasia is absolutely 0 across all segments and they never show such 1 paisa charge on their contract notes

As per Indian contract laws, any contract is bound to have some consideration. To comply, a token like 0.01 paisa is generally kept as consideration to tick the legal compliance box!