All the top 5 Ask or Bid Quantity is One, what is the motive?

I often come across in some small cap stocks all the top either Ask or Bid quantity is 1, but If I punch say 100 Quantity it automatically filled up @best first ask or bid price..may be some Automated order placement.

What type of Order ​ is this? What is the Motive behind this?


the moment I punch 500 Sell Quantity @Market it gets filled up @60.35(See below)

This may happen when the buyer/seller is placing an order for a higher quantity but is choosing to display a lower buy/sell qty. You can do this by choosing to “disclose” what quantity you wish to show as against what you are actually buying/selling.

If you want to show buy/sell quantity of shares less than your actual quantity, you can use this feature. You can show upto 90% less quantity using this. Eg: If you have 100 shares you can show 10 shares for buy/sell. It helps when buying/selling when you don’t want others to see the quantity so that they don’t manipulate prices.

He is talking about All Bid/Ask qty being one, and a order for 100 qty gets executed at first or second Bid/Ask price.
DQ orders have minimum show 10%. So the context what the OP is explaining is not matching one to one.
What do you say?
If it has to be a DQ order it has to be minimum 10 in display for a quantity of 100 to go through. Isnt it?

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