Alternative for LIQUIDBEES

is there any good alternative for liquidbees.
I want to keep my emergency fund here. any good suggestions, please

For emergency, we need to look at liquidity, so a simple FD which can be closed instantly, even with a penalty is better than liquid ETFs.

Liquid ETFs are better than liquid funds because with liquid funds there could be a limit of how much we can redeem instantly, there is no such limit with liquid ETFs. But the redeemed funds should be sent to the bank account by the broker the very next day.

One disadvantage with liquid EFs is only 80% of redeemed funds are available and I think only this 80% can be withdrawn.

I use Liquidbees but not for emergency, but for investing and trading purposes.

ICICILIQ. Lower Expense ratio and dividend payout in form of bank transfer.

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dividend payout taxable at slab rates

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What is the dividend/interest payout rate at present