ALUMINI & LEADMINI contracts of May

What happened to ALUMINI and LEADMINI contracts for May. they are not shown on kite. And how ALUMINIUM MAY is having so much leverage as like ALUMINI whereas Margin calculator is showing something else. What is the new that is not updated or informed. Pls info.

I think they removed mini name from contract and made it simple just aluminium,lead,zinc
And from June all will be 5tone contract.

And what about margins?? Any update on this??

Mini’s are 1ton lot so margins will go 5times for 5ton lot

But i placed mega lot of ALU and it accepted my margin leverage of MINI. :roll_eyes: So wondering if 5T is now 1T for mega i suppose.

may aluminum is mini but i think June aluminum will be 5t.

The aluminium May contract is according to 1 MT…For June contract it will be 5 MT.You can refer below circulars.