Ami Broker - What the hell is it?

Dear all,
I have been perplexed by Amibroker.
First of all it is too expensive. So I can not buy it without learning/testing it.
There is no quality material available online which can tell about it and its usage.
What I have gathered so far is

  1. It is free to test & 2. It is must for professionals 3. It requires data feed

Now few Qs that are hounding me

  1. How to get free NSE Data on Amibroker? EOD and historical intraday will do. Also late live feed also do. As I just wanna test.

  2. Any good tutorial on web?

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@maddy_Des, I will give a pass on this question, have not used AmiBroker and do not intend too also.

I’ll pass this question to Expert & the person who have more knowledge on this @nithin.

Hey @maddy_Des, I’d say a good starting point would be this

Amibroker would require you to have knowledge or learn AFL, the programming language to write strategies. Streak allows you to do the same without any programming knowledge. But Amibroker is extremely powerful in terms of everything you can test/deploy, they have been around for 2 decades.

If you know programming, i’d suggest you to use Python and use

Try using Meta Trader 4. it is same as amiBroker, And it is free but you have to subscribe to Data Feed according to your need which may vary to Rs.600 to Rs.3000 per month depending on, from where you are subscribing the data feed.
you can also visit which is a quite good website for anylise but the real time data is little bit delayed here. you can find all historical data here for your anayalise.

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But how to get free EOD , historical intraday data on amibroker live chart only 500/- per month all segment

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But sir from where can I get historical 1 minute data for backtesting?

You can use AmiQuote provided on AmiBroker website which allows many free data sources for EOD data.
It also can get IEOD (1min) Google and Yahoo data which also gets imported in AB charts immediately. its lifetime registration costs USD 99 but you can use free version for downloading 10 scrips max. for Google (haven’t used Yahoo bcos I dont like anything from Yahoo/Hotmail kinds :wink: )
You can use multiple instances of AQ if you want to download more than 10 scrips at a time !

1 Like is free for three month so keep backtesting :grinning:

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…and that three months are ending this month… :grinning: as shown on website…

you are late :grinning: but 449 per month

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