Amibroker Pi Bridge for Discretionary Trading

So, is there a Amibroker - Pi/Nest Bridge for Discretionary Trading? Like fire Orders whenever you want to buy/sell.

Yes we have pi bridge for amibroker to connect amibroker with pi and fire orders according to afl stratagy, to download pi bridge for amibroker go to and request for pi bridge for amibroker

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Hi Manjunath,

Check the below link for Manual Trading from Amibroker Chart.

Pls read the instructions given in the AFL.

Happy Trading!

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Hi Manjunath,
It is possible to add Buy/Sell Button to amibroker Chart.
To place Order U have to simply press the respective Button.
U Can do this with AFL.

I am talikng about Manual orders from Amibroker without any strategy.

manual orders you can’t place.