Amibroker Pi bridge- Pi (do not have generated signals)

First time user, so still figuring it out.
Have set up Amibroker and Pi bridge. Subscribed to rt database that gives realtime database(on trial for 3 days).

Using this formula

_SECTION_BEGIN(“PiBridge Test”); brd=Null; if(IsNull(brd)) { brd = CreateStaticObject(“pibridge.Bridge”); } if(!brd.GetConnectionStatus()) brd.Reconnect(); brd.PlaceOrder(“NFO”, “NIFTY15OCTFUT”, “NIFTY”,“STRATEGY-S”, 1,1, 1, 8700.25, 0, “L”, “NRML”, “RB0799”,“DAY”);
brd.PauseCode(60); //Pause the code for 60 seconds _SECTION_END();

Tried to use this too.

_SECTION_BEGIN("PiBridge Test"); brd=Null; if(IsNull(brd)) { brd = CreateStaticObject("pibridge.Bridge"); } if(!brd.GetConnectionStatus()) brd.Reconnect(); brd.PlaceOrder("NSE", "ACC-EQ", "ACC","STRATEGY-S", 1,1, 1, 1431, 0, "MKT", "MIS", "QU6563","MIN"); 

brd.PauseCode(60); //Pause the code for 60 seconds _SECTION_END();

On running this code, I can see in the Pi software that pi connection is established.

I can see this in PIBRIDGE_07DEC2018.log.

[8:19:00 PM] 8:19:00 PM Limit Price recieved from Amibroker:8700.25
[8:19:00 PM] 8:19:00 PM Limit Price ready to be sent to Pi:8700.25

But I can not see the alert generated in Pi -> View -> Generated Alerts

NOTE- I am testing it after market hours. Guys please share if you have any resourses to learn.