AMO orders before market open


i want to place AMO order in zerodha i know the procedure but i would like to know the rules. could anyone plz answer these queries

  1. if i place order at 9:05 am in Bank nifty , say for example bank nifty closed at 35300 in previous sessions and now after doing little analysis im confident that market will open gap up or will go bullish. i wish to buy call option (example lets say bank nifty 35800 CE at 300= 300*25 =7500 rupess) i cicked the amo option and place the order.
    now my question is at what price the order will be executed 300 of previous day closed at 9:15 am or it will be changed to higher price after pre market session at 9:10 am??

  2. i read across on zerodha that i will not be able to put stoploss in AMO order . will there be any problem in exiting the positions immediately after market open if the market takes reverse direction.??

  3. does zerodha still supports AMO ? i read across some complaints that the some users weren’t able to put AMO?

thank you…

No, the order won’t execute at previous closing price.

If you’ve placed limit order, the order will execute at the price you’ve specified. If it is market order, then it’ll execute at best available price in the market.

Once your order is executed, you can place Stoploss order and can exit anytime. No issues.

Hey, yes, you can place AMO. Maybe try placing one? :slightly_smiling_face:

sir for example

  1. i have placed a order at 9:00 am banknifty 35000 ce at 280 and i placed the(market) order, now after
    9:07 am i see the scrip goes changes it becomes 300 (considering pre market nse data the bank nifty is up). so in this scenario how my order is executed?
    at 9:15 am the order gets executed or rejected? if i have funds only 7000 INR ( 25*280) and what if it goes gapup? will my order be executed?
  1. if i have sufficient funds say i have (10000 inr) and i have placed AMO limit order at 280 will it be executed and after market opens gapup say it went 320 in one minute. can i exit the position and book profit.

  2. what is the maximum trade limit for AMO orders.

plz reply thank you.


can you please elaborate at what time the premium price increase?
i have monitored bank nifty 35200 ce at 9:00 am it was 310 and after 9:12 am it went to 340. now my question is (amo order is allowed only until 9:10 am) so if i place order at 9:09 am considering the previous close of 310 and if i place limit order buy banknifty 35200 ce at 320 … will my order executed or rejected?

thank you

If you’ve placed a market order, it’ll get executed at best available price in the market when the market opens at 9:15.

If you don’t have enough funds, your order will be rejected.

If you’ve placed a limit order at 280 and market opens at 320, then your order won’t execute. Limit order get executed at the price you’ve specified or better price, since you have placed buy order this will execute at 280 or lesser price.

Didn’t get this, can you elaborate?

You’ll only know the opening price once the market opens at 9:15, as for F&O there is no pre-market.

Buy limit order will execute at price you’ve specified or lower price. Your order will remain pending until it is executed.

Just now i tried amo order in BANKNIFTY on limit price (one point above market price) but it didn’t got executed at 9:15.I placed order at 9.8.
And market order gets rejection in options. We can place only limit order.
If i place limit order same as market order will it get executed ?

your statement itself says price was more than market thats why it did not get executed. if you want to make sure it gets executed put one point below.

One point below are you sure?
Or should I place same price as market price
If it’s below one point market price, will it get executed? If market opening gap up

Do you want to sell or buy ?


I will have to execute limit order one point down of market price in AMO?

If you want to make sure you get the script 1 point above the market

I already placed on point above market price. It didn’t got executed.