Amusing data of 3M INDIA LTD


Birla 3m ltd came out with public issue in 1991 @ rs 10 per share and today ( name change to 3M INDIA) quote around rs 20,000 per share. Amusing thing to note that in this 27 years of listing the company has never paid any dividend ,bonus ,split .
THERE MAY NOT BE ANY OTHER CASE IN SHARE MARKET where market price is so high for a never dividend paid company .


What difference does it make given the the price has appreciated so much?


you are right and such huge capital appreciation is much better than regular dividend paying company . …bit amused to know if at all there is any other case among bse/nse listed shares !


Another amusing data is of a bse listed share VEGETABLE PRODUCT (539132) which closed rs 130.40 on 17/2/2016 to open @rs 4.70 next day 18/02/2016 …no the share was not in F&O but due to bonus and split ! imagine how much was bonus and how much was split !!!

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@dheeraj @VigeVet this share Vegetable products now trade around 3.50 rs per share and was 130 plus in February 2016.


@sabkaview Seems like quite an unusual case with just one bonus of 9:5 and one stock split of 10 to 1


Bonus or split etc are just corporate adjustments and ultimately performance of company that matter. 3M India AND Vegetable products are 2 exactly contrary examples .

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If not looking just within BSE/NSE then Berkshire Hathway is the best example of not giving dividends but phenomenal capital appreciation which you are also must be aware

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I think that there are companies which are focused on organic growth. In this sense they usually decide not to pay any dividends, but to invest their earned profits back into business. This option is also good for shareholders as they are benefiting from increased price of shares