An App for Console

This may be an unpopular request, but hear me out. An App for Console would just make the Zerodha universe perfect for Investors. Console 2.0 is rich in analytics and information, but its web only. Imagine having an app to see all of that information in one place with all the goals, LAS status, fancy graphs and stuff. It’ll neatly tie the whole Ecosystem, which by the way is already done in the web space but not in mobile. A neat little Finance App. @nithin You guys sure must have thought about this at some point and please tell us this is atleast in the pipeline far far away

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I don’t think we need it.

Let them stabilize first. Some bugs like reports which were present earlier are not downloadable, even if it shows up. Not sure if any more… Still a long way to go…

No plans as of now, also I think it would be tough to show all visualizations within app. Also we have planned many more features on console which alone may take much more time.

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Is metrics like CAGR, IRR etc one of them? Currently console only shows absolute returns on the portfolio


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Very well it looks like it may never happen. Any good suggestion for a similar third party app/website for visualizations on holdings, CAGR etc.,. on both stock and mf holdings? Currently using VRO and that too doesn’t have an app

Build one in excel, works better than any app