Analysis of a sector

Is there any good website or forum where we can do comprehensive analysis of any sector

Hey Vaibhav

There are quite a few companies which provide details on sector analysis. But you gotta ask yourself is the information provided accurate and is the information provided good enough for sectoral based analysis.
If you google sector analysis you’ll be rushed into articles from Investopedia, money control etc which I believe are good but not great. The same information you are reading is read by millions of individuals so what the difference in your data/analysis and their??

For a sectoral analysis, the best data source is from consultants and primary data-driven companies (data from sec, rbi or retail association etc), while company agnostic data will be available with various fund houses or articles (i suggest do your own company analysis, never trust anyone with this).
Coming back to your question if you are looking for out of the box data with statistical backing its best obtained from the big 3 management consulting companies. (do not confuse with big 4 accounting companies or the famous big4 )

A few companies that I follow rigorously

You may hardly find these articles on the top of a google search.
These companies hardly market their products, the reason being their data is that well refined it does not need any marketing and they have tons of clients that are in line waiting for their services. These articles are usually lengthy but the information available from these are mind-blowing. The information might take a while to grasp in but consecutive practice/reading is what will eventually help you out.
The reason I prefer reading these articles is that these companies are backed with high statistical data, resources and the cherry on the cake, the out of the box strategic thinkers which are not available elsewhere.

Hope this helps you out.
Thank you.

Ok thanks veer